Writing Is…….

    Writing Is……..

Writing looks so easy.  Sometimes things that look so easy are yet so hard.

     Writing takes time.  Sometimes we don’t realize how fast it whizzes by.

     Writing needs love.  Sometimes we don’t have any love to share.

     Writing can be scary.  Sometimes I’m just afraid to admit it.

     Writing could be fun.  Sometimes it’s hard to believe.

Writing Is……





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3 responses to “Writing Is…….

  1. Writing is…all of the things you say. I am always scared to publish my writing. It’s risky to share your words on a page, especially with strangers. Thanks for this reminder that all writers have apprehension; all writers are tentative sometimes (most times?)

  2. And sometimes, it’s just that simple. Words on a page make it seem so permanent and vulnerable which is why I think that it is sometimes hard to put it down.

  3. Writing is hard. 🙂 but also rewarding. It is all these things indeed!

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