I received a surprise last week.  It wasn’t quite what you think…..It wasn’t what I expected…..It wasn’t what I wanted….It wasn’t what I needed…….It wasn’t what I had time for…..It wasn’t such a good feeling……It wasn’t nice to hear……It was wasn’t pretty to see…….

I received a surprise last week.  It will take time to heal…..It will look old for awhile….. It will feel awkward when I see him……It will take a lot for me to forget….. It will get better…..

He came to tell me that he hit my parked truck.  I felt my heart break, but realized accidents happen.  He hit it and it hurt.  These things take time to heal, but everything will be alright!






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5 responses to “Surprise!

  1. I love how you built anticipation and made me guess throughout the first two paragraphs. So sorry about the bad surprise! 😦

  2. Dar

    Oh My!! Your slice kept me on the edge of my seat,,,,I too and sorry about your not so happy surprise. 😦

  3. No a surprise you want to hear about. But, at least the car can be fixed. You had me wondering what it was, you surprised me.

  4. Bummer of a surprise, man! I experienced a similar surprise with my car last week. But this one was ALL MY FAULT. Not a surprise 😦

  5. Katie Diez

    You had me hanging on your words here. Once I figured out the surprise I kept thinking that not all surprises are welcomed, but we can learn through all of them…thanks for that!

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