Maybe Next Year

I am writing with sadness. It’s over, the challenge I mean. It was not as exciting for me this year. The world has runied it for me. I mean the writing. I know I didn’t spend as much time with my writing and especially with reading my fellow slicers writing.

Maybe we will be in a much better place next year. At least, I hope so! Best of Luck to all and hope for our healthy selves to all be back soon!


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3 responses to “Maybe Next Year

  1. It is rather melancholy…slicing during such a heavy time. I, too, share your feelings of it being different this year, not reading as many slices. We did it together, though.Thanks for your reflective slice. See you next year!

  2. This year was the first year I participated in the March Slice. I so wanted to write about these upbeat, fun, funny and positive experiences I that I was going to have with my family and Scholars. Yeah, not so much. Like you said, “Maybe Next Year.”

  3. I’m sorry the slicing didn’t work for you this year as it has done in the past. It is a sad time, full of uncertainty. Perversely, I found it good in that it focused me on what to write about each day. But I don’t wish for this kind of crisis just to structure my own writing. May next year be normal and ordinary and boring.

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