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31 Days!

Today is Day 31!

31 days of writing…..

31 flavors of ice cream…..

31 days of commenting…….

31 days of reading slices……

31 days in March…….

31 days of in depth thinking about what I was going to write…….

31 days hoping I would make it…….

31 days of thinking positive…..

The 31 days are over, but my writing is not.  I will continue to write and share my weekly slices.  I will not say good-bye!


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Can you Guess?

What am I?

I carry things around…

I hold important things…

I come in many sizes and colors…

I am a woman’s best friend…

I can hang or I can be held…

I am very private…

I have many names (some which are name brands)…

I could be very expensive…

I am found in many stores….

I am one of many….

Who am  I?

Yes, I am a purse!


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F un times that become memories

A wesome food and stories

M usic to my ears


L ove that continues to grow

Y olo!

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Happy Belated Birthday to my baby girl who turned 13 this past January! We are finally celebrating tomorrow!  Winter birthdays are for the birds. I have been baking all day today. Cream puffs, waffer cookies, pizzelles, bunny marshmallows, and cheesecakes. I am so tired, but my baby waited so long to celebrate.

She waited for us to celebrate.

She waited to blow her candles.

She waited for her presents.

She waited to make her wishes.

She waited for winter to pass.

She waited so patiently!


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The Sign!

My mom has a red bird that visits her often.  My mom still lives in the house that her and my dad built together.  After my dad’s passing, she noticed something.  This beautiful bird would chirp away at her window.  This beautiful bird would use his beak to knock on her window.  This beautiful bird was a sign.

She began telling my kids that this beautiful bird was a sign.  It was sign that Papa was with us.  It was a sign he cared.  It was a sign he never left our side.  My kids listened, but were a bit confused.

Days passed and this bird continued to visit my mom’s house.  My nine year old now thinks his Grandpa died and turned into a bird!  Thanks DAD for the sign!


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A place where I feel extremely comfortable…..

A place where the people I love live….

A place I go to everyday……

A place I feel safe……

A place I picked out with my husband….

A place that costs me money…….

A place I sleep in, cook in, and enjoy life in……

A place where I make memories……

A place I pray in……

A place I relax in……

A place I work hard in……

A place which holds all my valuables….



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A World of Colors!

We live in a world of color?  Each color represents something different depending on who you are as a person!

White is the color I wore on my wedding day.

Black is the color I want for my next car.

Blue is color of the sky.

Red is the color of blood.

Green is the color of money.

Brown is the color of a football.

Gold is that color that is worth so much.

Silver is the color that glistens!

Pink is the color that represents Breast Cancer Support.

Purple is the color for Lent.

Yellow is the color of a banana.

Aqua is the color of the sea.


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Snow versus Rain!


White, Delicate

Drifting, Blowing, Freezing

Flakes, Chunks……..Drops, Water

Pouring, Soaking, Drenching

Dreary, Wet


So, now in Chicago we are moving from snow to rain! We are moving from Winter to Spring!   I am not crazy about either one, but writing this poem made me reflect on the two!


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Those Eyes!

I look into those eyes.  I see so many things.  I see a cry for help.  I see a look that means I don’t get his.  I see pain and sometimes I see some happiness.

I see a stare that means “If you only knew.”  I see thinking at its best.

Could you guess where I am that I see all these eyes?

Yes, our computer lab watching children take their Parcc  Tests!


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Sunday, where did you go?

It was such a busy weekend.  Friday flew by and don’t remember much about Saturday.  I guess it was good that we had fun things to do, but I almost missed my writing today.  I awoke this Sunday morning telling myself I would make time to write today, but not exactly what has happened.  Where did you go, Sunday?

I remember waking up early and finishing laundry.

I remember making a quick run to Wal-Mart to return a broken toy for my son.

I remember taking my Mom and Sister to see a model townhouse.

I remember going to make a quick visit to my aunt’s house to drop something off.

I remember going to Pete’s Market to do my weekly grocery shopping.

I remember coming home and putting everything away and getting dinner ready.

I remember having coffee with my Mom and Sister.

I remember taking my mom to play a little bit of video slots.

I remember coming home to help Lazaro with some forgotten Math homework.

I remember packing lunches for Monday.

Now, here I am writing my slice on Sunday night at 9:00p.m.

Sunday, where did you go?




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