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The Virus

The challenge is almost over. I only missed a couple of days of writing. Not always my fault, I am confused on the time of day or even the day of the week. This virus has messed everyting up.

The virus has caused me not to really be in my writing this year.

The virus is making me tired.

The virus is causing stress and anxiety.

The virus is boring me.

The virus is no fun.

The virus has changed our lives.

The virus has slowed us down too much.

The virus SUCKS!


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My Hair

I waited for so long, even though you were turning grey. I knew that I would have time to color you over Spring Break. Little did I know the Corona Virus would close everything down. Now you and I are stuck with each other for a while. My beautiful red is turning more grey everyday. We are becoming the best of friends. I look in the mirror and see a new one everyday. I giggle and say, “It could be worse!”


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Sleep is difficult when your body won’t let you.

Sleep is much needed to bloom.

Sleep can be full of dreams.

Sleep can be relaxing.

Sleep can cause stress if you think too much.

Sleep sometimes happens throughout the day.

Sleep can make a night short, but sometimes long.

Sleep is different for everyone.

Sleep changes daily.

Sleep can mean snoring for some.

Sleep changes as we get older.

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Just Because…

Tough day today.

Hurt because others are dieing

Urgent matter is happening around the world

Resting way too much.

Sadness all around

Day by day it may get better.

Always try to keep some positivity.

Year to remember!

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An Empty Building

I walked into my school today to go get some books out of office. It was very sad walking into a dark and quiet building. I passed the dark classrooms, full of no children, just their work on the wall. I felt their presence around me. Maybe it was wishful thinking. No lockers slamming, no voices heard, no complaining, no teachers teaching, no running around, no books being read……it was all missing. It felt odd. I had never thought that I would be saying this, but I miss going to work! I miss the hellos every morning, I miss my co workers, I miss all the kids, I miss my office, I miss the love of my work. I miss it dearly. I hope this is over and we can make life work again.

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My Senior

Graduation 2020

Well, it’s finally real. I didn’t want it to be this way for you. I know how excited you were be a senior. I know how excited you were to go to prom. I know how excited you were to graduate. I know how excited you were to skip school on ditch day. I know how excited you were to visit colleges. I know this is not what you wanted for yourself. It will definitely not be a year to forget, but for all the wrong reasons. My girl we are here for you and we will do our best to make it special for you!


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I Spent The Day

I spent day cleaning my 18 year old daughter’s closet. I spent most of the day in her room. I spent my day doing a chore I didn’t enjoy. I spent my day carrying bags of clothes out of her room. I spent my day listening to her explain that the shirt was so last year. I spent the day hearing her stories. I spent the day cleaning and clearing. I spent the day listening to her excuses. I spent the day with my 18 year old daughter!

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I hope it gets better.

I hope for less sick.

I hope we will all be ok.

I hope this shall pass.

I need my kiddos back.

I need structure in my life.

I need love.

I need to go back to work soon.

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Wheels in my head are turning.

Eek! Could this be real?

Emotional having a hard time.

Kind of scared of what’s yet to come.

Everyday K hear something new!

Never seen anything like this in my lifetime.

Dreading what tomorrow may bring!

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Today went a little quicker than the other days this week. Not sure why? Never got to closet cleaning, maybe tomorrow. If not I have many more days to get to it. Woke up a little later and then spent a couple hours with my teenage son doing his e-learning. Math and band were never my favorites, but made them fun today.

Tomorrow is Friday already, thank goodness! We have been home a week already. I checked in on my kiddos from school through google classroom. The best part is they were actually answering me. Ran to jewel super quick to grab a few more snacks. I only have two kids, but they are always looking for something to eat.

Dinner time was Chicken Tostadas. Yummy! Easy to make and something we haven’t eaten in a while. The weather stinks. Definitely in need of sunshine and a bit of warmth. o hope things will get better soon. Spring Break is next week! What a Spring Break it will be?


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