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The End

Today is the end of the month.

Today came so fast.

Today I wrote for 31 days.

Today I completed another year of the challenge.

Today was full of enjoyment as I read through my blog.

Today brought many ideas to my mind for next year.

Today I slept in because it was my last day of Spring Break.

Today I started to think about the month ahead- April!

Today is the end of the month.


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Cleaning Closets

Today was a very rainy day.  It was very dreary, so we decided to go see a movie in the morning.  We went to see “Beauty and the Beast.”  It was a very good movie and my kids enjoyed it a lot.

So after lunch, we decided to clean my daughter’s closet.  Or should I say I cleaned the closet.  She pretty much dictated and I did the hard work of moving things around, rehanging clothes, and more.  Well, two hours later the clothes are in order from tank tops, to short sleeves, to long sleeves, and to sweatshirts or sweaters.  We compounded two bags of clothes to donate as well.

Today was a very rainy day, but fortunately for Monica she has a very neat walk-in closet.  I hear the words, “Thanks Mom” as I walk out her bedroom door!




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Cooking is a lot fun to me. I love to cook Italian food, American food, and Mexican food. I can follow recipes well, but also have many recipes stored in my head. Some don’t get measured, but others need to be. Some of the recipes have been passed down from my mom, grandma, or other family.

Cooking is a lot of fun to me. Some of the recipes are healthy, but others are not so much. Some use imported products, but others are made in America.

Cooking is a lot of fun to me. So then, what’s the problem. I hate the clean up! I hate washing dishes and pots and pans, putting them away, wiping up, and sweeping and washing the floor. Unfortunately, I cook and clean up everyday. So I guess I will continue because cooking is a lot of fun to me!

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I don’t see anything wrong with taking selfies. Selfies are photos of oneself taken by oneself. I guess that sounds like a pretty close definition. 

I have been known to many as the “Selfie Queen.”  I take a few, but I don’t think I over do it. I don’t post every picture I take because some thought goes into everyone taken. 

It is kind of fun and I have to admit I look pretty good. I don’t do it for attention. I do it because it is fun and one day as I grow older, I can go back and have a few laughs. 

So, I will continue to snap and post selfies. I guess if you don’t like, then don’t like my post! 


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Vacation is……staying in bed after he leaves for work.

Vacation is……no alarm that continually buzzes.

Vacation is……the morning silence.

Vacation is… dropping kids off at school because they are still in bed.

Vacation is…..relaxing and not stressing about the small daily things.

Vacation is… set schedule to follow.

Vacation is……not packing lunches.

Vacation is…….doing chores on my schedule or when I feel like it.

Vacation is……sleeping late.

Vacation is… helping with homework.

Vacation is……enjoying precious time with my kiddos!


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So I went to a family wedding last night and really enjoyed seeing all my family and friends. This slice is not about the actual wedding, but rather it is about weddings in general.

Every time I go to a wedding I see happiness and love. I think of myself and my wedding day. My wedding day was the most beautiful day in my life. I had all those that love me around me. I was the center of attention. It was all about me, and of course my dearest husband. We danced, we ate, we laughed, and we cried.

Knowing how beautiful and how important my wedding day was to me should help you understand why weddings make me cry. make me smile, and we make me laugh!  A marriage takes two and the love for one another must grow continually.  I am never tried of seeing, hearing, or loving my spouse!


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My Mom


My mom is such a strong woman!

  • She raised four children
  • She taught us what it means to work hard
  • She showed me that life is not always easy
  • She tried hard to learn English
  • She came over from Italy by boat as a teenager
  • She loved her husband dearly
  • She is the best chef ever
  • She has eight grandchildren
  • She helps us all out when she can
  • She fights to be well
  • She loves slot machine

My mom is such a strong woman!


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The Pit

It’s almost time. I can’t wait to spend countless nights with you by my side. I love cuddling around you. You keep me warm and always make me feel relaxed.

I hated to put you away last year. You were brand new and I didn’t get to spend as much time as I wanted with you.

I can’t wait to invite friends over, so they could enjoy you too. With my loves, I plan to spend many nights around you.

Well, now that you have read my slice I welcome you to meet – my pit!


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Blank Page

I was struggling today.  Couldn’t really find anything I wanted to write about.

I started to think about “our” students.  Maybe there are days when their pages are blank.  Sometimes I think teachers who are not writers themselves might have a tough time understanding blank page syndrome.  It is a time when your thoughts are struggling to come out on the page.  It can be scary.  It may mean you need extra help or support.

I was struggling today.  Couldn’t really find anything I wanted to write about.  So, I filled up my page writing about blank page syndrome.  I guess it worked because I got some writing on the page today!




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Caring individuals

Outstanding love for one another

Usually have smiles you can’t resist

Superstars at what they do

Italians who love to eat and enjoy family

Never give up on their dreams

Shining stars in each of their individual ways


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