Quote of the Day

“With heart and helping hands, a person can accomplish anything.”

     I saw this quote posted in a classroom today.  It really hit me hard , but I’m not sure why today.  This quote has been hanging in the room since the beginning of the school year. Why now?

     I really started to think this quote through.  I am a true believer that a person can accomplish anything they want to accomplish.  I really dislike the words “I can’t”.  You can accomplish and with the help of hands and a good heart you got it all!  These are definitely words I will always remember.


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4 responses to “Quote of the Day

  1. The good heart says it all!! As long as you have that you can do just about anything!!!

  2. Do you think the author is saying to use your hands, or to ask for help from others?

  3. Hmmm.. that is a quote I think I will share with my classes..

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