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The End

The month flew by. It didn’t really feel long or difficult to keep up with my writing. Sometimes I had writer’s block, but some days it just flowed right out. There were very few days that I could not think of what to write.

We can all be writers. We just need to tell ourselves that we can and then do it. Sometimes my writing is inspired by others, but sometimes it just came straight from my head.

I wrote at all times of the day. Mornings were sometimes great, afternoons worked too, and evenings were slim. If it was an evening that usually meant I started a draft for the next day.

The challenge allowed me to live life as a writer. That meant I was always looking and thinking how I could turn what I noticed into a slice.

The month may be over and the challenge has come to an end, but my writing may continue!


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Today looks life Fall…

Today feels cold…..

Today makes me sad…..

Today the sunshine is missing……

Today I cleaned out a closet……..

Today a lot got done……

Today was made for haircuts, grocery shopping, and more……..

Today I caught up with my laundry……

Today is one day closer to Monday……

Today is Saturday……..

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Television especially daytime is just such a waste to me. I am not usually home during the day, but this stuff really stinks. Talk shows and game shows I guess don’t interest me at all.

There is only one day time show I record daily. I have been watching it since I was a baby girl. I remember watching with my grandparents. So I continued to watch as I got older. Can you guess?

General Hospital is something I look forward to watching every evening. I hate it when I have to miss it because then I have to watch two days at once. It has always been my favorite Soap Opera, therefore I can’t give up watching it now!


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Relaxing when you feel like it sounds kind of cool. That is pretty much what this Spring Break has brought to me.

Awakening in the morning, not too early, not to late is something I could get used to. My husband off to work very early in the morning and my teenagers enjoying their break sleeping in very late. Awakening to silence and the feeling of moving at my own pace with no hurry to accomplish anything. This too sounds like something I could get used to.

Some hours were spent in the kitchen making meatballs and Italian cookies. Some hours were spent in the laundry room washing and folding clothes. It is such a great feeling doing these things and not being in a hurry to do them. They didn’t feel like chores when I relaxed in between. This too sounds like something I could get used to.

Dinner taste so much better when we weren’t in a hurry to get to a game, to go to the gym, to listen to a music concert, attend a parent meeting, etc. I could actually sit, enjoy, and talk. This is definitely something I could get used to.

Bed time was more relaxing. It felt good to take a long bath, watch a bit of tv, and read a good book. I had time to do the things I really enjoyed. I could get used to this as well.

Spring Break is half way over, but I am not sad. A couple of more months and Sumner shall arrive. With Summer arrives more relaxation!


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Curly or Straight

My hair is naturally curly. I grew up always wanting straight hair. So jealous of those that had it. I didn’t care that people told me I was lucky and that it costs so much to make hair curly like mine. I didn’t care!

I didn’t care how much time it took to make it straight.

I didn’t feel lucky at all.

I didn’t want those curls.

I didn’t know what I would look like with straight hair.

Until later in life, I changed my style a bit. I had it straightened professionally. I loved it! But now I like it both ways. 🤷🏻‍♀️


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Sun that shines so bright

Prancing through the greening grass

Rabbits digging holes and hopping around

Intense sun hits your eyes

Nests of chirping birds

Gardens ready to flourish

This is what imagine Spring to be!


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It’s so Hard

It’s so hard when you and your kids are on Spring Break, but not your husband.

It’s so hard to fall asleep, but your not really tired because you woke up late.

It’s so hard to turn the tv down, because hubby must sleep to get up early.

It’s so hard to sleep, when your son is bouncing a basketball in his room at 11:00pm.

It’s so hard to sleep, when your daughter has her tv on and chatting away on her phone.

It’s so hard for me to feel sorry for him, even though I know I should.

It’s so hard because I wish us 4 were all off together!

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I have never been a pet lover and I don’t think I’ll ever be one. I convinced my kids when they were little that fish were enough. Kept fish a couple times in a ten year period and they really never asked for another pet. So my thinking worked.

Pets seem like unnecessary work for me and I barely have enough time to do all I need to do. I can’t imagine cleaning pet hair, bathing them, and letting them out, etc. Seems no fun to me. Doesn’t seem fun to connect with a pet and eventually have to lose one. None of this seems necessary.

I can also see how happy pet owners can be. I am guessing their are many perks as well.

So, as you can see I never had a love for pets and lucky me my family doesn’t really have a desire for one either!


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These Two

These two belong to me. They are the greatest gift that God gave to me. Each one has qualities that belong to me, and each one is special in their own way.

She is my first born…..

She is my mini me……

She thinks she knows it all…..

She loves her family…..

He is my baby…….

He loves his mommy so much……

He never gives up……..

He always tries to please………

Both them work hard at what they do. They are the reason I awake everyday with a smile on my face!


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Spring Break

Everyone is excited for break. Some people will go away in an airplane, some will drive with their cars and others will just stay at home and enjoy the relaxation.

Everyone is excited for break. Some people took home their computers, some took home some books to read, and others went home empty handed.

Everyone is excited for break. Some people ran out the door, while others barely could make it because they were so tired from this past week.

Everyone is excited for break. Some people screamed have a nice break, some shouted be safe, and others stated nothing.


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