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     The beauty of Sunday’s weather will never be forgotten.  It was the perfect day!  We began early with the excitement of the Easter Bunny’s gifts, then off to church, and finally to my sister’s house for lunch.  The beauty of family around the table full of food was unforgettable.  The Easter Egg Hunt was a success for the little ones.  The beautifully colored eggs hidden all across the yard was such a beauty.  The day was almost over and I sent my eldest outside to walk around with her cousin.  The walk had become a scooter ride which turned into a spill down the hill.  Scrapes and scratches from head to toe.  I think she learned a lesson!

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   So today I was trying hard to actually write a SLICE.  Well, I think I accomplished this slice about fruit!  As I was making dinner, I began slicing some beautiful red sweet strawberries.  I could smell them as I cut them up into tiny pieces for our salad.  I was reminded about the time I was 11 and we went to Michigan and picked our own strawberries.  Running through the fields I remember the red juice on my fingers.  Yummy!  Couldn’t wait to go home and wash those babies up.  Then, I began slicing a ripened cantaloupe that was sitting on my countertop for a few days.  I just love the sweet taste of orange cantaloupe.  As I sliced away, I decided to put some in a container for lunch tomorrow.   Lastly, I began thinking about what I will have for breakfast tomorrow.  Guess what came to my mind.  Yes, a yellow banana.  Bananas are my favorite at breakfast time ever since I was little.  I will never forget my mom cutting up the bananas and putting them in my bowl of frosted flake cereal.   What great memories this slice has brought out!


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My One Little Word – Patience

Patience is my one little word. 

Patience is taking time to listen to others. 

Patience is a must at home and at work. 

Patience is not always hurrying or rushing to accomplish things. 

Patience is what is so hard for me sometimes. 

Patience tends to become harder with age. 

Patience is what makes people like me. 

Patience is what I wish I had more of.

Patience is what I am working on!


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     Today, I was ready for you. You may not have been ready for me, but I really didn’t care.  I waited long enough and this crazy cold weather just won’t scare me.  I am pretty sure the people around me thought I have lost my mind, but heck with them.  My beautifully pink painted toes were ready to be free.  They were so tired of hiding.  So it may be cold, but they are now exposed!  Free at last!


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