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The Flood

     As I drove through the streets of Midlothian, I noticed something very different this morning.  It was pretty evident that Tuesday meant garbage day in this village.  I noticed more garbage trucks traveling through the streets and working very hard.  At the end of their driveways, sat an abundance of ruined precious belongings.  I began to think about this past week.  I imagined how all these people felt throwing away their precious belongings that were devastated by Mother Nature.  It disgusts me to think that everything a person has worked for could be gone in minutes.  How might these people be feeling?  Sad, I am guessing!  I was praying hard for brighter days for all those who have experienced Loss!


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Someone who leads the pack

Someone who has a lot of knowledge

Someone who gives suggestions

Someone who loves learning

Soemone who reads all the time

Someone who knows what to say to others

Someone who can make decisions

Someone in between

Someone who listens

Someone who learns all the time

Someone who should be respected

Someone who is valued

Someone who enjoys writing

Someone who leads Professional Development

Someone who encourages teachers to learn

Someone who helps teachers

Someone who sometimes get the blame

Someone who loves children

Who is this someone?  Of course, a Literacy Coach!


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     Spring has finally arrived and I feel like waking to birds chirping is music to my ears.  I love the sound outside my window as I rustle in my bed ready to awaken.  The sunshine is peeping through my window and is light to my eyes.  It puts me in a mood that allows everyone around me to experience a pleasant day.  It gives me the energy of a raging bull.  The smell of fresh cut grass is such a beautiful scent.  I see green and flowers all around me.  Spring also brings tons of rain.   Not one of my favorites, but I realize the beauty of nature relies on water.  Now that the season has arrived, I will do my best to enjoy everyday to its fullest!


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The Mantle


     The mantle above the fireplace was all lit up with candles on each side.  the TV on the wall laid across the middle.  We sat as a family of four watching “Brave” each cuddled with blankets wating a bowl of deliciously fresh popped popcorn.  I remember looking out the bay window and seeing the blanket of snow that had fallen.  It seemed as cold as ice outside.  I was happy to be in the warmth of my household.  Laughs and giggles all throughout the movie.  By the end of the movie, it was time to hit the lights and march onto our bedrooms.  That night we all had a  good night sleep! 


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