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Today This Is Me!


These 31 Days of writing have flown by and I must say every year gets a little bit easier.  No day went by without an idea to write about or at the very least to think about.

Today, I say farewell!

Today, I say 31 Days are over.

Today, I show you who I am.

Today, I tell myself to continue writing throughout the year.

Today, I can say I did it!

Today, I feel even more like a writer!

Today, I say farewell!


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One Direction ! She Believes!

harry and IOne Direction is a hot teen band.  Having a teenage daughter has made it hard for me to not know the song lyrics.  I am forced in the house, in the car, and maybe I’m actually starting to like their music.

She is obsessed with them.

She has dreams that may never come true with them.

She loves their music.

She loves them – the way they dress, act, and look.

She thinks they may visit someday.

She feels they know her.

How do I explain to her without killing her teenage dream?  So, I don’t!  I let her believe what she wants to believe.  She edits photos to be like them and I let her.  She has cut out figures of them in her room and I let her.  She goes to their concerts and I let her!















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My Two Precious Babies!


These two precious babies belong to me.  Every minute of my day revolves around them.  I can hear their voices in my head.  Morning, Noon, and Night I think of how God has given me the most precious gift of all.

The love they share and the bond they have created is so beautiful to witness.  A sister with her little brother growing up right beside her.  They share smiles, hugs, kisses, arguments, and so much more.   My hope is that I have created a love that will never be torn apart.

These two precious babies belong to me.  So different, but so similar.  Their qualities are unique to who they are.  Her smile and his love make me the happiest mother in the world.  I am so proud to be their Mama!







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Easter Monday

Easter Monday is a holiday in Italy. Italy holds a place in my heart because both of my parents were born there. Many of the traditions are still important to me. It is a joy to talk about them with my children.

Easter Monday in Italy is called la Pasquetta. This is a day of celebration with family. In my parents town, everyone would bring a ton of food (of course, food was involved) to the mountains and have a picnic. Food, conversations, and wine was all that was needed to celebrate this joyous day. 

So as a joke last night, I said we should all take off work and go have a picnic. I guess they weren’t buying it. So instead, I am going to make the traditional Easter bread today. Didn’t get a chance these last couple of days to make it. So, let me my Easter bread journey begin!


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Easter Poem!

Happy Easter!

E ggs of all colors scattered around

A nxiously waiting for the bunny to visit

S urprised by what the bunny left us

T rying to teach my kids the value of going to church as a family on Easter morning

Expecting to eat so many good things today

R eady to celebrate good times with my family

Happy Easter!


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Baking Day!

I so enjoy the days before a holiday. I love to bake delicious desserts and try to keep up with traditions. I just so wish I had someone behind me to help with the clean up. The clean up my least favorite part. Cookies, breads, cakes they are all so fun to make! 



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Tick Tock!

Tick Tock!  That’s all I hear.

Tick Tock! That’s all I see.

The clock moves so quickly, as well as does life.  I watch those around me grow.  Some grow in age, some grow physically, some grow in maturity, and some don’t grow at all.

All is good when the clock is ticking.  It is time to worry when the clock stops ticking! When all comes to an end, the clock will no longer move, no longer be heard, and no longer be seen.

Tick Tock! That’s all I hear.

Tick Tock! That’s all I see.


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The Visit!

This place could be dark…

This place could be spooky…..

This place has many humans…..

This place can be sad……..

This place has a ton of flowers…..

But for me this place has a different meaning!

This place lets me think about many memories……..

This place brings laughter and tears…….

This place is a place I visit frequently………

This place is where I go to talk to him…….

This place is my dad’s home……

The cemetery is where I visit my dad whenever I can. I share everything with him that he is missing!

Missing you so much Daddy!


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Quote of the Day

“With heart and helping hands, a person can accomplish anything.”

     I saw this quote posted in a classroom today.  It really hit me hard , but I’m not sure why today.  This quote has been hanging in the room since the beginning of the school year. Why now?

     I really started to think this quote through.  I am a true believer that a person can accomplish anything they want to accomplish.  I really dislike the words “I can’t”.  You can accomplish and with the help of hands and a good heart you got it all!  These are definitely words I will always remember.


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Writing Is…….

    Writing Is……..

Writing looks so easy.  Sometimes things that look so easy are yet so hard.

     Writing takes time.  Sometimes we don’t realize how fast it whizzes by.

     Writing needs love.  Sometimes we don’t have any love to share.

     Writing can be scary.  Sometimes I’m just afraid to admit it.

     Writing could be fun.  Sometimes it’s hard to believe.

Writing Is……




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