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Everyone loves the bunny!

Awesome food to eat

Sister’s house for the day

Thankful for those around me

Egg hunting for treats

Remembering those who are not with us today

Happy Easter to all!  This has been a terrific writing month for me!  Thanks to you all!


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My new Pizzelle Maker

     A “pizzelle” is a flat-shaped rounded Italian cookie that comes in many flavors.  I have always wanted the press that makes these cookies.  It was not real expensive, but was probably not high on my priority list.  Well, today my husband decided he would buy it for me.  I was so excited!  I was extremely excited to take it home and try it out!

     So guess what I did this afternoon?  Yes, I made my first batch of vanilla pizzelles.  They were delicious and it wasn’t really alot of work either.  I guess I am now an official pizzelle chef.

     A special thanks to my awesome husband for making me happy and adding another amazing tool to my kitchen!



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What am I?

     I come in many colors and can be mixed and matched.  Most women fall in love with me and call me their best friend.  I can be cheap, but also very expensive.  I go on light, medium, or dark.  The women who do love me can’t get enough and may become addicted.  I go on any length.   I spend most of my time closed up, but I sometimes get shaken.  I am often stored for very long periods and then eventually thrown away. 

What am I, can you guess?


Nail Polish


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Memories of my Horseshoe Driveway

     Yesterday, as we visited my mom’s house I started to think about when I was just a little girl.  That was really the only house I ever knew until I got married.  It was the place where I created so many memories.  There are memories in everyroom from inside to outside.

     So as I drove up with my two kids in the car yesterday I began to giggle.  Of course, they asked “Why are you giggling mom?”  I responded,  “The horseshoe driveway reminds me of so many things.” ” I can see Papa’s meat truck parked on the top part and I can remember the million times I almost fell in the ditch as I flew down on my big wheel.  I remember the trees and flowers Papa and Nonna planted all around it.  Gosh, I could go on forever.”

     The point is that I never thought I could write about a horseshoe driveway and really make it interesting.  Boy, I am growing as a writer indeed!


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My A-Z Adjectives!

     So I was kind of bored and I decided last night to take out my writer’s notebook and write about myself.  Then it hit me!  What a great idea it would be to use adjectives for every letter of the alphabet that somehow connect to me.  Here it goes……..



























For those of you who do know me I think this pretty much describes me! 



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Can’t stand doing it

Loving the fresh smell

Energy is always needed for this task

Always on mind

Neatness is so important to me

Images of what I’d rather be doing floating in my head

Noone ever volunteering to help

Getting better with music blarring in the background


I bet you can guess what I wrote about today!  My day was made of this, CLEANING!



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The Mall

Today my kids and I took a trip to the mall.  I am not crazy about the mall for a couple of reasons.  First, it is always crowded and for some reason I spend too much money.  The one thing I do like is the people watching.  It always cracks me up.  So, I sat on the bottom level of the mall waiting for my kids to finish up eating their Aunt Annie’s pretzels.  Then, I began looking all around.  Here is my list:

  • a mother feeding her baby boy and actually talking to him like he was even listening
  • a elder lady with a birds nest hairdo coming out of the elevator
  • the line of people waiting to get into the cheesecake factory
  • the older man and his wife eating pretzels together
  • the little toddler crying because he wanted something his mother didn’t want to buy him
  • the young man and lady holding hands
  • the grandma pushing a stroller with no one in it
  • the family of four actually eating in the cheesecake factory
  • the Hispanic men making pretzels in Aunt Annie’s

Gosh, I could go on forever!


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