Poems About My 2!

My two babies……



My only daughter

Outrageous personality

Nuts about one Direction

Intelligent like her Mom

Crazy at times

Amazing at school



Loves watching movies

Awesome with keeping things neat

Zoos were his favorite

Annoys his big sister

Resembles my side of the family

Obviously loves his Mommy




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12 responses to “Poems About My 2!

  1. So cute!! The descriptions you gave for each of your babies were so specific. They really told so much about both of them!

  2. Awesome & descriptive poems!

  3. Wonderful tribute to your 2! Thanks for sharing…..love is common.

  4. Enjoyed reading each. Hope you will share them with your children.

  5. True description of each of your babies!!!

  6. macrush53

    What a fun way to share about your children. I enjoyed reading these. Did you share with them?

  7. Sweet kiddos….you should put their poems in their baby books or frame for their wall. xo nanc

  8. This is great. I hope you print it for them! How lucky they are 🙂

  9. Oh how you love your babies! 🙂 Hope they are reading this. 🙂

  10. Both of these poems are adorable. I have a friend whose daughter is crazy about One Direction; I finally succumbed to watching a video about them on tv…fabulous! Really enjoyed them!!

  11. This is great!! those 2 kids are so special.

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