I never enjoyed you until recently.

You have never been an important part of my day.

You make me feel good.

You wake me up.

I like the way you taste like vanilla.

You are sweet to me.

You smell so delicious.

You are easy to brew.






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6 responses to “Coffee!

  1. And…now you are addicted. 🙂 I love the smell, but hot coffee doesn’t care for me. Though, I do indulge in a frothy, caramel with extra whip cream type of coffee drink from time to time! Enjoy!

  2. I never liked it much and didn’t start drinking it until my mid-twenties while in college, just to keep me awake to do papers. Now I am hooked!

  3. I totally feel what you’re saying! Coffee is a great part of my day. That first sip early in the morning…. ahhhhh!!!

  4. Welcome to the dark side…I wrote a slice about quitting. That lasted about 2 days.

  5. Mmmmm… Coffee. You will now never know how you lived without 😊

  6. Coffee is lucky to have you. What a nice little love note to it.

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