People Watching!

As I sat in the waiting room of the Pediatrician’s office I began watching the people all around us. It made me wonder so many things.

I saw a Hispanic man with two little boys. That made wonder where the mother was and why she wasn’t here.

I saw a white woman and a Hispanic man with their baby boy. I wondered if she spoke Spanish to him.

I saw an elderly gentleman who looked really lonely. I wondered if he had someone to go home to.

I noticed a woman reading on a Kindle. I wondered what in the world was she reading.

I listened as the nurse called for Ms. Smith. I wondered why she was here and what she was feeling.

People watching can be so interesting. Next time you have a moment take sometime and look around. You will never believe where your mind takes you!





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7 responses to “People Watching!

  1. I love people watching. I imagine I, too, have questions but never really “voiced” them. I think I’ll try jotting the questions down. Maybe for future “stories!

  2. I love to people watch! I would wonder why the elderly man was there. Who was he waiting for at the office?

  3. Yes! I often wonder what people are up to when they are in the same space with me. If nothing else, it really helps to pass the time!

  4. Jen Cherry

    My husband and I often play a game where we make up stories for people that we see. Always a fun one…especially when sitting in an airport or at a mall.

  5. People watching is one of my favorite activities. Great slice!

  6. Lynn

    Oh my gosh I love to people watch! The best place to people watch is New York, because most people Re walking or riding the subway . . . Now that is a place to watch people!!

  7. People watching is always interesting. People sometimes do some strange things.

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