I Always Knew!

I always knew I wanted to be a teacher.  I remember as a child always being a teacher pleaser.  I remember collecting all the extra dittos from the extra paper bin.  I remember playing school in my basement with my made up classroom.  I remember always teaching the neighborhood kids.  I remember having a chalkboard and a grade book.  These are things I will always remember!

School was always a fun place for me.  It is a place I always felt like I belonged.  It is a place that made me feel good about myself.  It is a place I feel safe.  It is a place that allowed me to be me!

My parents never questioned what I wanted to do with my life.  They knew I had made a wonderful decision on my own.  They knew I had a love for children.  They knew I always loved school.  They knew I would be successful.  They knew I was a leader.  Becoming a teacher was definitely for me!

As I think back to my childhood, I am truly glad I did the things I did.  Most importantly, I am glad “I Always Knew”!



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4 responses to “I Always Knew!

  1. Cathy Thompson

    Well said! I think most of us who became teachers just “knew”. Playing teacher was the best part for me until my sisters tired of being my students. My wish for al students is to have the same experiences in school that you describe here.

  2. Beautiful slice! I wrote about the same thing today, basically…how lucky I am to teach and do something I love everyday. I’m so thankful that my job isn’t just a “job” to me…it’s truly what I love. It sounds like we have that in common! 🙂

  3. Nanc

    I’m glad that you had that great experience that helped you make your decision…me on the other hand… not…But I loved it every single day until it ended in May. I miss everything about it. xo

  4. My parents were divorced in an era in which no one else’s were. My fifth grade teacher would talk with me and make sure I was okay with whatever I was feeling about all that. She made me feel important. Since I was in fifth grade, I “always knew” I wanted to be a teacher.

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