The Season I Won’t Miss

I can’t take this anymore…..

Please go away before I roar

Bitter cold and white falling snow…..

This is making my life too slow!

I realize it was you turn,

But I am ready to burn.

I really used to enjoy you.

Your departure is now overdue.

Telling you I enjoy this is a lie…..

So take this as my good-bye!



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6 responses to “The Season I Won’t Miss

  1. It always seems to take a long time for it to go away. I. too, am ready for a change.

  2. Love the use of the bolded words….you caught the emotions of everyone in the Chicago area I think! Winter BE GONE:)

  3. Lynn

    Ditto . . . Ditto . . . Ditto!!! 😉

  4. Let it go! Let it go! I am so done with this snow!

  5. Never fear, spring will be here! Hey, a poetic line just like yours. Loved it!

  6. Alacazam.Poof. Winter be gone.

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