“Not again,” these are my words pretty much every evening.  It piles up and never goes away.  I dread this time of my evening.  I find folding and putting away clothes to be a complete waste of my time.  I could be playing with my kids, sipping coffee, taking a walk, watching some TV, scanning Facebook, talking to my husband, or reading a good book, but unfortunately I dedicate this time to Laundry.  Like I said, I have no choice.  Watching it pile up creates anxiety within and the aroma of the hamper tells me it’s time. 

     So now I began to think how I can make Laundry time fun.  Last night during laundry time, I put music on and sang around the house.  I am pretty sure the others were thinking I had lost my mind.  Music and singing made the time go faster and I didn’t feel like it was such a waste of my time.  I didn’t realize that my attitude about laundry may have been the reason I hate doing it so much.  So from now on, laundry time, will somehow become “fun time” in the VIGIL household! 



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8 responses to “Laundry

  1. Ha…I feel the same way about my laundry. I swear it just seems to multiply overnight…

  2. I need a maid. Do you want to share one?

  3. Dar

    WIsh I could tell you it changes. Guess you will have to learn to love it:-) lol

  4. Laundry is my biggest enemy. I cannot stand it and I will never understand how little people have SO much!

  5. I like your spin on this…making a mundane task fun!

  6. Two words…spin cycle.

  7. Music turned up is how I get any chore done.

  8. There are only two of us and I feel the same.exact.way. about laundry. I love going to my mom’s and watching her fold the clothes because Darien plays with all of them. At least he entertains her while she folds :p

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