Growing up Italian!

Who said growing up ITALIAN was so easy?   I have so many memories and traditions from my childhood.  One that really sticks out to me is “Salami Time”.  Salami Time is usually from December thru February.  It was the cold that was needed to make and cure salami in our Russo basement.  In the basement we had a special room which was called the “contina”.  Here you would find homemade soppressta, capicola, and sausage.  Obviously, this is the same room you would also find gallons and gallons of homemade wine. I guess someone would not really mind being locked up in there!

Now that my dad and grandpa are gone it is so hard to explain to my children what those days were like.  I could tell them and tell them, but unfortunately without the visual it is not the same.  I remember the hours that went into curing the salami and the time we spent in that room. 

My children love eating the salami, but they are really missing the actual memories.  It is my job to do my best in describing those traditions!

Well, “Salami Time”  is just about over!



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4 responses to “Growing up Italian!

  1. What a cool memory, Amela. (no pun intended) I feel that way, too, sometimes about my own kids – there are some parts of my childhood I wish I could recreate for them. We can’t – but our kids will have their own cherished memories.

  2. Diane Sweeney

    I’d love to be adopted by your family. Fun post!

  3. What memories!! You know the best way to past down family traditions is by storytelling. I want to learn more about your youth. I am sure you have some great stories to share.

  4. I am half Italian (dad’s side). I was thinking of a post about learning how to cook gravy. We did not have the salami, but that was because there was no basement. Someday we should share stories 🙂

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