My Little Man

My Little Man


The one reason I awake every morning..
The strength I need to move through my day…
The boy that caused me to see what life is all about…
The love we share could never be replaced…
The humor he brings into my life…

My baby boy is turning into a little man!



March 3, 2014 · 2:47 am

8 responses to “My Little Man

  1. What a sweet little poem. It is so fun to watch them grow up, learn from them and lead them along their path. Thanks for sharing him with all of us today!

  2. Lovely! Can totally identify with the sentiment in this poem. Thank you.

  3. mrssurridge

    I think you should print out that poem and include it in his scrapbook. One day he will look back at it and remember how precious he is to his mom. Great slice!

  4. Not a baby anymore. But still just as cute!!

  5. This makes you think about how time flies!!

  6. bbutler627

    Very sweet. I hate that they have to grow up 🙂

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