From Winter to Spring

The cloudy days turn into sunny ones.

The wet snow develops into warmer rain.

The gusty wind turns into a cool breeze.

The dark days turn into bright ones.

The bare trees grow buds that begin to bloom.

The never ending days go quicker.

The people in hibernation come out of their holes.

The heat goes off and the windows crack.

The shovels and snow blowers turn into lawn mowers.

The sledding is gone, but the swinging is beginning.

Today is the first day of Spring! Winter, I am so happy to put you away!


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3 responses to “From Winter to Spring

  1. Heather Onderick

    I like the imagery of the people coming out of their holes. Humans also have to wake up from their hibernation.

  2. Love your poem! It captures all the fantastic moments of spring! I can’t wait to put winter away, however, not yet as a nor’easter approaches. 😕

  3. Your poem gives me hope that Spring weather really will arrive…. one day.

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