Do Dreams Come True?

My kids often ask me if our dreams really come true.  I hesitate to say no.  Instead, I ask myself “Do Our Dreams come True” ?  I think some more, and think some more…..

What kind of dreams are they talking about?  Are they the ones that go around and around in our heads while we sleep? Or are they the ones we hope to obtain some day? I think some more, I think some more…..

Well, I don’t really know much about the dreams that occur in our heads while sleeping.  Maybe they are connected to what’s happening in our lives, maybe not?  I decide to tell them I need to think more about those dreams. I think some more, I think some more…….

On the other hand, I can tell them dreams will come true if you put your mind to it and work hard for what you want to achieve.  I always use the example of being a teacher.  I wanted to impact the lives of children.  So, that’s what I did!  Now they can look at their cousin who has worked hard to achieve his dream, and see it can be done!  Dreams can come true!





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4 responses to “Do Dreams Come True?

  1. I love the deliberation over time…..I think some more….I think some more… this world of uncertainty, dreams require a bit of deliberation.

  2. Great slice!! Your nephew’s dream did come true, and you are so proud of him.

  3. I appreciate that you are very thoughtful in your response to your kids. I like the way you wonder – what dreams to which are they even referring? In the end – the examples put it together – YES dreams do come true!

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