The Moment

The moment has come!

The moment we all have been waiting for has arrived.

The moment that will never be forgotten.

The moment that seems a bit scary.

The moment that has brought tears of happiness to our eyes.

The moment that we realize he did it. 

The moment we are all so proud of.

The moment we will share with all those around us.

The moment that he makes his dream real.

The moment we pray that all will go well.

The moment has come!

Tomorrow night my nephew/godson will play his first NHL hockey game. Robbie Russo has worked hard for this moment to come! The moment is here! Detroit Redwings have gained a star! 



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16 responses to “The Moment

  1. I enjoyed the repetition and suspense. Congrats to Robbie Russo! Go Redwings!

  2. Yay! Go Robbie! I was so intrigued throughout your slice.

  3. We were SO excited to see this news yesterday!! Wishing Robbie the very best!!!!

  4. I love your style. The “moment” could have been anything. It underlines how many special moments there are to treasure

  5. Congrats to Robbie!!! Loved your slice! Was anxiously reading each line until the reveal of “the moment”!

  6. That is fantastic!!!!! So excited for him – WAY cool!!!!! Do we have similar titles for our slices today??

  7. What a great piece to share your excitement for Robbie! Go Red Wings (please don’t let the Blackhawks know I said that)!

  8. Katie Diez

    Congrats to Robbie! I can feel the excitement in this Slice! Such a big deal for the entire family! We will be watching and rooting him on tomorrow night!

  9. Wow! How exciting for your entire family! Congratulations!

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