Looking For The Irish in Me!

     Looking for the Irish in me, probably won’t find it.

     No Irish in this gal.  100% Italian and super proud of it.

     Looking to find corned beef and cabbage in my kitchen, probably won’t find any.

     A little bit of spaghetti and some nice plump meatballs is more like it.

     Looking to find some green, probably won’t find much in my closet.

     The only green is the green prints in my scarfs.

     So, instead of drinking green beer this St. Patrick’s Day we will line our table with         glasses of red wine!

Salute/Cheers to St. Patrick!



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6 responses to “Looking For The Irish in Me!

  1. Fun! You have St. Joseph’s Day coming up – we’ll all wear RED for our Pisano!

  2. I like the juxtaposition of this poem – great structure.

  3. Alice Nine

    I too like your juxtaposition that carries your poem. I’ve been thinking about poetry a lot lately–what with April being Poetry Month, and I couldn’t help but think about the Irish limerick vs. the Italian madrigal (I’m told that Chaucer’s English form of the madrigal is easier to write than the Italian form)–perhaps the content for a couple more lines in your poem.

  4. Very Cute!! It says it all right here!!!

  5. Fun slice! I was wondering how you would pull this off. Love the structure!

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