I’m From!

I’m from a small neighborhood, forests and deer and no street lights, houses with large yards and parties.

I’m from a childhood of barbies and dolls.  Playing outside with our friends and riding bikes.  Playing house and school with all my friends.

I’m from Sergio Valente and Guess.  Brady Bunch, ponytails and scrunchies, Menudo, and all those other “wild trends”.

I’m from Judy Blume, Amelia Bedelia, and The Little House on the Prairie. My love for reading kept on growing.

I’m from Maria and Italo Russo’s tree, salami and wine. Italians who came over for a better life.

I’m from the beautiful days that will never be forgotten!



















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7 responses to “I’m From!

  1. I love these little snippets of your childhood. Bet it’s the 80s. Sounds fun!

  2. Lisa

    I am going to do a poem like this with my students for the biographies we are working on. I love them! I’m from ponytails and scrunchies too, and I want to go back there sometimes. 🙂

  3. I learned a lot about you in this poem. Thank you!!

  4. Where we are from. So important! It’s what makes us who we are. “Sergio Valente and Guess” – Yep! I remember those guys!

  5. I love this format! I think I wrote these one year with my 6th graders if I remember.

    Well done.

  6. Love “I Am From” poems! Look up George Ella Lyon, Poet Laureate of Kentucky…I was amazed by her. She has her own website.

  7. Your poem brings back so many memories. I love I am From poems! Wonderful way to get your brain ready to write a memoir!

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