This Boy!


This boy will always be my boy!

This boy is my nephew……

This boy is my godson…..

This boy is such a dedicated and hardworking hockey player……..

This boy has traveled the world……

This boy has become a man……

This boy is respectful and smart……..

This boy plays for the Grand Rapids Griffins……..

This boy belongs to the DETROIT REDWINGS…….

This boy has class……….

This boy loves to win…….

This boy never gives up………

This boy stole my heart……..

This boy is a RUSSO……..

This boy wears #5…………

This boy graduated from Notre Dame……..

This boy will always be my boy!








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13 responses to “This Boy!

  1. Love how close you are with your family!!

  2. Yeah!!! #5 Russo. What a shining star – both on the ice and off! The pride of the godmother – so strong! (Great picture by the way – well done!)

  3. What a great kid, young man!! You have summed it all up about him.
    I can tell you are so proud!!! You should be!!

  4. Kathy

    The bond between an Italian godmother and her godson is incredible and everlasting! We enjoyed watching him play yesterday. He is the strength of the his team!

  5. Katie Diez

    I hear that This Boy was such a great role model for some other little ones yesterday too! How proud he has made his entire family! How great that you get to go and support his dream…I have a feeling that one day soon, he will be on the national stage making his entire family proud!

  6. You should be proud, he is an amazing athlete and great man. I know a happy little girl that already has his picture and autograph hanging on her wall. Thanks again!

  7. Lovely tribute. “This boy” has done and is doing well, and I bet you have made lots of contributions to his successes.

  8. Such pride in your words about your godson. I love that while this boy has become a man, he will always be your boy.

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