The Feeling!

Tonight is the night I get my hair cut and straightened.  It is a feeling that I have a hard time explaining.

It feels fresh…..

It feels clean…..

It feels light……

I love the way she shampoos and conditions my hair.  I can feel her fingers going through my hair.  Then, the process begins.  She cuts a bit, but not too much.  She begins blowing dry my thick hair layer by layer.  My eyes start to drift away.  I begin to relax and enjoy the feeling.  After blowing dry, she begins straightening with the straightening iron.  Layer by layer…..I drift away and await the end product.

It looks so beautiful….

It looks new…….

It looks shiny…….

The feeling I have a hard time explaining!



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4 responses to “The Feeling!

  1. You may say it’s hard to describe, but I think you’ve done a pretty darned good job here! Maybe because there are parts that I can relate to – totally! I love, love, love getting my hair washed before I get it cut. It is so relaxing!! Ahhh, I’m imagining it now.

  2. Getting your hair washed is such a wonderful feeling. Takes me back to when my mom washed my long, thick hair as a child! You explained it very well!!!

  3. I can relate to that….believe or not my hair at one time was very thick down to my waist.

  4. Lynn

    I sliced about a haircut yesterday! I agree the pampering that goes along with a haircut is just awesome! Glad you enjoyed it!

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