I’m Done!

     After having two kids I realized we were done!  Our family had grown from 2 to 4 in a matter of 3 years.  I was so excited when the doctor told us that the second one was a boy.  We had one of each and my family was now complete.

     My daughter, Monica, is now twelve and has grown into a beautiful young lady.  My son, Lazaro, is now approaching 9 and has grown into a handsome young man.  Not only are their genders different, but so are their personalities.  Each one has something for me to be proud of as their Mom!

     Monica is a hard worker and excels in school.   She has never let me down.  She is definitely not the hug and kiss kind of girl, rather she is a strong first born.  On the other hand, Lazaro is very loving and enjoys hugs and kisses.  He is definitely mommy’s little boy.  He gives me the extra love that his sister would rather not display.

     I have learned so much from them.  Most importantly, no two children are alike.  So my family is complete with 4. Those two children are my life and have given me all the happiness I need! 


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5 responses to “I’m Done!

  1. Great details about how different both kids are, but that together they make your family complete…I bet you can’t imagine the time before your kids were there! I am fairly new at that parent thing, and I feel that way already!

  2. Vanessa

    It’s interesting when this realization takes place, it seems you just know. I enjoyed your piece!

  3. We have one of each, though grown now. I wish in a way that we’d had at least one more. Not sure why, except that I liked these two so well, it might have been good to have one more nice person in the world!
    Enjoy yours! They make great adult friends!

  4. When you know, you know! Kids are different, and we treat ours accordingly. It is nice that you celebrate their differences.

  5. When I saw the title I thought I would be reading about the weather. 🙂 I like the comparisons here and I think people with more than 1 child can relate. It’s amazing how the same 2 people produce such different kids.

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