The Mantle


     The mantle above the fireplace was all lit up with candles on each side.  the TV on the wall laid across the middle.  We sat as a family of four watching “Brave” each cuddled with blankets wating a bowl of deliciously fresh popped popcorn.  I remember looking out the bay window and seeing the blanket of snow that had fallen.  It seemed as cold as ice outside.  I was happy to be in the warmth of my household.  Laughs and giggles all throughout the movie.  By the end of the movie, it was time to hit the lights and march onto our bedrooms.  That night we all had a  good night sleep! 



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2 responses to “The Mantle

  1. What a cozy picture you give us, thanks

  2. Popcorn sounds good right now. This brought back memories of when my sister and I would stay up late on Friday night, eating popcorn and watching the late show. Stay warm. Jackie

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