Can you Guess?

What am I?

I carry things around…

I hold important things…

I come in many sizes and colors…

I am a woman’s best friend…

I can hang or I can be held…

I am very private…

I have many names (some which are name brands)…

I could be very expensive…

I am found in many stores….

I am one of many….

Who am  I?

Yes, I am a purse!



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7 responses to “Can you Guess?

  1. Oh, yes, I guessed! Really cute slice!

  2. I thought so…I do agree that it is a woman’s best friend. I know my husband just does not understand why I enjoy buying and using new purses and have a ….small….collection. 😉

  3. I knew it was a purse. I know how much you love purses too.

  4. Of course a purse….and we woman have more than one:)

  5. oh my- I may be in the minority here- I HATE purses- they drive me bananas- Very cute slice though!

  6. bethkrause

    I love your slice.

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