Names, Are they important??? Do they mean something????

My Italian Uncles and Aunts……

I have many Uncles and Aunts.  All of which were born in Calabria, Italy.  Check out these names….Remember we say Zio for Uncle and Zia for Aunt in Italian…..

  • Zio  Vittorio
  • Zio  Arnoldo
  • Zio  Benito
  • Zio  Paulo
  • Zio  Luigi
  • Zio Francesco
  • Zio Peter
  • Zio Faustino
  • Zio Valentino
  • Zio Guiseppe
  • Zio  Tonino
  • Zia Amelia
  • Zia Concetta
  • Zia Guilia
  • Zia Rita
  • Zia Marian
  • Zia Opehelia
  • Zia Maria


We can’t forget my Grandparents: Paparone Beniamino Russo and Mamarone Assunta Russo……Then my other Grandparents names were: Nonno Francesco Baratta and Nonna Divina Baratta…  Pretty Cool names, huh??

Of course, I can’t forget my Dad, Italo and my mom, Maria!  Gotta love those names!  So of course, I named my children with some pretty neat names as well.  I named my daughter after both her grandmas – Monica Maria and my son after both his grandpas – Lazaro Italo.  So after all this, yes a name is important!



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6 responses to “Names, Are they important??? Do they mean something????

  1. Coolest names ever both in the past and in the present. I love this idea- we’ve some neat names in these parts too. Hmmm,,, maybe a slice in the making.

  2. Love the Italian names! So nice that your kids names have a meaning. Both of my girls’ middle names are our grandmothers’ names.

  3. Love your list of names…I think we will see more of these as others try out your idea!

  4. I remember for the longest time I thought Kathy’s aunts first name was Zia and her last name was Anita! I love it when I hear little kids say, “My Zia is going to meet us here at the pool!” It’s rolls off their tongue the same as “aunt” does for me. YES – names DO matter! Love your list!!!

  5. You showed how the names DO have meaning. They connect the past and the present. Nice idea to list the family names.

  6. These names are unreal. Just beautiful. I can’t believe that you have such a variety of names here to choose from and that you honored your family by giving your children names of meaning. So sweet!

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