These three pieces sit on my desk. I see them every time I walk into my office or sit at my desk. Just about every student that walks in my office always wants to touch them. Some kids have even asked if the diamond is real! Ha, ha kind of funny! If I had a real diamond that size I ‘d probably be rich. These three pieces have no money value, but actually mean a lot to me. They have value in my heart.

All three pieces were given to me as Christmas gifts from my little guy. Even though he is almost 13, he will always be my baby! He bought me a piece every year at Christmas. He picked them out himself and tried to surprise me. He bought them at school at their Secret Santa Shop. He thought this was the coolest thing and enjoyed shopping there every year. A paper wait every year, I couldn’t have asked for more. The paper weights didn’t cost very much, but to me they were worth so much!



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Little Things, Big Smiles

Yesterday I decided/was persuaded to host a Young Authors Celebration with some of the students who entered the contest in grades 1-4 at my school. Well, all I can say is that it was a success!

They arrived one by one and took a seat in the circle. They were excited not to be in class, but also to be the ones getting the attention today. As they walked in, I handed them their manuscript and a certificate for participating in the Young Authors Contest! They seemed a bit nervous at first because I could tell they wanted to know who won! I started the show by saying that the winner wasn’t picked yet, but we would let them know soon! Following that conversation we discussed how proud I was of each and every one of them. I told them they were all authors/writers in my eyes. More smiles filled the room. I gave them an ice cream sandwich in which they enjoyed. We took photos and continued chatting! Then, we picked a few students to read their manuscripts aloud. I think every hand went up to share! Due to time, we decided to break up into groups and continue reading so that everyone could share their stories! The smiles and laughter continued! It was so worth it! I am positive that each and every one of them went home with a smile and were ready to share their writing experience with their families!


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From Winter to Spring

The cloudy days turn into sunny ones.

The wet snow develops into warmer rain.

The gusty wind turns into a cool breeze.

The dark days turn into bright ones.

The bare trees grow buds that begin to bloom.

The never ending days go quicker.

The people in hibernation come out of their holes.

The heat goes off and the windows crack.

The shovels and snow blowers turn into lawn mowers.

The sledding is gone, but the swinging is beginning.

Today is the first day of Spring! Winter, I am so happy to put you away!


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Resting is essential…

Enjoying life to its fullest…

Lazy days are perfect…

Apples keep the doctor away…

X-ray indicates you to need to relax…

Attention all for yourself…

Interesting way of looking at life…

On top of the world with no worries…

Nothing feels better than this!


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Nieces and Nephews

My nieces and nephews are super important to me. I have watched them grow from the cutest little babies to beautiful young adults.

I am so proud of who they are……

I am so proud of their individual accomplishments……..

I am so proud that each is a hard worker in their own ways……

I am so proud of the respect and love they have for each other……

I am so proud they know the true meaning of family……

I am so proud to be their AUNT!

The one in the fancy dress and the little guy on the end are my kids. The six others are my nieces and nephews!


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Straight Hair

My whole life I pretty much had curly hair. I think curly hair is pretty and I am positive many others would agree with me. The only problem is that when you are the one with the curly hair it gets old. You get tired and need change.

Well, recently I decided to color and straighten my hair. When I say recently, I mean in the last four years. I like the way it looks, but boy is it a lot of work. I can’t straighten it myself because I have a lot of very thick hair and I would never be able to hold up my arms that long.

Here is the problem. My daughter hates helping me with it, unless I threaten her. Lol, I’m still the mom and she needs to follow my orders! (Ha,ha). I hate paying for it and that also means I have to sit in a beauty shop for almost two hours. Who has that kind of time. So now you know my curly haired woman problem!


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You are never to old for Snapchat. I love connecting with others and looking at their stories. The best part of Snapchat is the filters. I couldn’t tell you how fun it is to take pictures with the filters. It makes me feel like a kid again! It takes a couple years off of you as well. If you haven’t experienced Snapchat yet, than maybe you should?

This is me at my finest!


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