Today went a little quicker than the other days this week. Not sure why? Never got to closet cleaning, maybe tomorrow. If not I have many more days to get to it. Woke up a little later and then spent a couple hours with my teenage son doing his e-learning. Math and band were never my favorites, but made them fun today.

Tomorrow is Friday already, thank goodness! We have been home a week already. I checked in on my kiddos from school through google classroom. The best part is they were actually answering me. Ran to jewel super quick to grab a few more snacks. I only have two kids, but they are always looking for something to eat.

Dinner time was Chicken Tostadas. Yummy! Easy to make and something we haven’t eaten in a while. The weather stinks. Definitely in need of sunshine and a bit of warmth. o hope things will get better soon. Spring Break is next week! What a Spring Break it will be?


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I have been putting this job off for a very long time. It is not even mine, but somehow it is me doing all the work. I can’t take looking at that pile anymore. It gets larger everyday. This closet doesn’t house my clothes, but I still can’t take the way it looks.

Tomorrow we will attempt the clean out. Mind you it is a walk-in closet. How is it possible for my 18 year old to have so many pieces of clothing that it doesn’t even fit? It may not bother her too much, but this house belongs to me and I am super picky about my house. I really can’t take it anymore.

I have been putting it off because she likes to sit and direct me on the process. There is no sitting when it comes to closet clean out. So, I thought if I have the energy tomorrow we can attempt the clean out together. Together, Mother and daughter, we can make it happen.

Tomorrow night I will let you know how it went or how it didn’t!

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I wasn’t in the mood to write today. I tried and tried, but wasn’t coming up with anything worth while. But why?

It’s St. Patrick’s Day! I can change my decorations to Easter to tomorrow. I’m not feeling like a holiday right now. I can’t wait until this is over.


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So, I love music! I love the way it sounds. I love the beats, I love the words. Music makes me feel happy. Music makes me feel sad. Music makes me feel full of energy. I love what music does to my body. It just makes it move. I enjoy listening to it. I enjoy singing it. I enjoy moving in all directions.

The words help me get through happy times, sad times, and times of fear. I know it won’t let me down now. I needed music today. It motivates me to move and accomplish. When I am feeling down, I listen to music. It either makes me laugh or possibly cry. But it works magic and I feel better!

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So Tired

I never thought that staying inside would make me tired and anxious. Sitting on my couch full of anxiety and nothing to do.

I don’t want to clean because I have many more days to clean.

I don’t like television much because it makes me sleepy.

I don’t want to stay on my phone too long because my eyes begin to hurt.

I don’t like being told what to do because it makes me feel worse.

I never thought I say this , but I wish I was going to work tomorrow. I wouldn’t be feeling all this anxiety right now!


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Last Night

Last night my boy twisted/sprained his ankle playing basketball.

Last night I was so worried and full of questions.

Last night I was starving and tired.

Last night I just wanted him not to be in pain.

Last night I had so many questions.

Last night I prayed he would be better in the morning!


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It Hurt

Tonight my boy went to a friends birthday party. All good right? What can go wrong with a teenager at a friend’s house? Nothing, right!

I got the call. Come pick me up I hurt my ankle playing basketball. I heard dear in his voice. I heard a boy with pain.

We went quickly to pick him up. His face told me that he was happy to see me. It was swollen. Off to the urgent care we went!


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When It Began…..

When it began we thought not here. I heard stories, but didn’t think it could be real. Well, I guess I was very wrong. It’s here in The United States. Feeling like it’s getting closer to home everyday. It’s starting to feel scary!

I have never in my lifetime heard of all these closings and suspensions. All our entertainment is gone. Can’t watch a hockey game, can’t watch a basketball game, and can’t even watch soccer. What is happening? How do you explain this to your little ones without scaring them to death. How could my school sports be cancelled, unheard of! What is happening? It’s starting to feel scary!

Let’s hope things get better! We pray for good health and getting our lives back on track! I like it better when life is busy and I can’t catch up!

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We Are All Different!

Some days are long and kind of crazy, but others are short with too much to do.

Some people are nice, but others are extremely mean.

Some people smell like roses, but others smell like garbage.

Some people smile alot, but others frown all the time.

Some people eat meat, but others enjoy fish.

Some people like vegetables, but others eat fruit.

Some people are lonely, but others have too many friends.

Some people enjoy reading, but others like math.

Some people like to go out, but others enjoy staying home.

Some people like going outside, but others crave the indoors.


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Some People

Some people read for relaxation!

Some people eat for relaxation!

Some people shop for relaxation!

Some people exercise for relaxation!

Some people write for relaxation!

Some people watch television for relaxation!

Some people drink for relaxation!

Some people cook for relaxation!

Some people bake for relaxation!

That was me last night. Had a lot to do, but none of it seemed like fun. So I started baking and enjoyed my evening!

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