Cleaning Closets

Today was a very rainy day.  It was very dreary, so we decided to go see a movie in the morning.  We went to see “Beauty and the Beast.”  It was a very good movie and my kids enjoyed it a lot.

So after lunch, we decided to clean my daughter’s closet.  Or should I say I cleaned the closet.  She pretty much dictated and I did the hard work of moving things around, rehanging clothes, and more.  Well, two hours later the clothes are in order from tank tops, to short sleeves, to long sleeves, and to sweatshirts or sweaters.  We compounded two bags of clothes to donate as well.

Today was a very rainy day, but fortunately for Monica she has a very neat walk-in closet.  I hear the words, “Thanks Mom” as I walk out her bedroom door!





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7 responses to “Cleaning Closets

  1. Funny how we end up doing these things! Glad it was a good day, despite the weather.

  2. A little business, a little pleasure. Sounds like a nice mix for a rainy day. I bet the “thank you” filled you heart more than anything else.

  3. Such a necessary but challenging tas~ Sounds like you found a way to make it work

  4. dreaminwithdar2

    The perfect way to spend a gloomy day. Well done!

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