So I went to a family wedding last night and really enjoyed seeing all my family and friends. This slice is not about the actual wedding, but rather it is about weddings in general.

Every time I go to a wedding I see happiness and love. I think of myself and my wedding day. My wedding day was the most beautiful day in my life. I had all those that love me around me. I was the center of attention. It was all about me, and of course my dearest husband. We danced, we ate, we laughed, and we cried.

Knowing how beautiful and how important my wedding day was to me should help you understand why weddings make me cry. make me smile, and we make me laugh!  A marriage takes two and the love for one another must grow continually.  I am never tried of seeing, hearing, or loving my spouse!



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2 responses to “Weddings

  1. Wee, I don’t cry at weddings, but I certainly understand the rest of the sentiment.No matter what type of wedding one has, it’s impossible to attend another wedding and not reflect on their own.

  2. Awwwe. I like weddings, too. But, I’m not a fan of the reception. Dancing to goofy music, drunken people, food that’s generally not that good. I have a small family, so it’s mostly distant friends that have been getting married – maybe that has something to do with my opinion?

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