The Sermon

I was thinking about a few lines I heard in a sermon the other day. I then started to think how these could be so true. Here they are……

“It may be night right now, but morning is coming.” – I started to think how true this statement really is. Sometimes when things are not going our way and we are in the dark, morning seems so far away. But is it? The morning and brightness will be back if you believe.

“It may be raining right now, but rain is needed for us to grow” – Again, if  life is not shining your way then it is sprinkling the much needed rain we need to grow.

“Even in your worst times respond all is well.” – This is something I do often. Why complain or make people think life is not good. If it is not good, good will return soon.



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2 responses to “The Sermon

  1. Your words are a great reminder. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Excellent post. A long time ago, well – long ago to me anyway, I once wrote in a poem, even in a storm, I know the stars still shine behind the clouds. Your post reminds me of that thought.

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