Saturday mornings mean grocery shopping.  Spending money and thinking about the week ahead.

Saturday mornings mean my husband and I are alone. Well, I guess grocery shopping isn’t a horrible date. 

Saturday mornings are very quiet in our household. Slowly moving through the house, while my babies are asleep.

Saturday mornings make me feel so calm.  No hurry, no worries, no fighting, just him and I sipping are coffee together.



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6 responses to “Saturday 

  1. Aw what a great mini tradition!

  2. What a lovely Saturday morning!

  3. This seems to be a recurring theme today: the slower rhythm of a Saturday. Thank goodness all days are not as crazy as some weekdays are, right?!

  4. Katie Diez

    Love this! We also grocery shop and plan for the upcoming week, but we still have our littles in tow! I look forward to (and secretly dread) the day we will have this quiet you have.

  5. How nice the you and Arturo can spend time together.
    I know it is just as important to him.

  6. Saturdays are truly the best days.

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