My NHL Star!

As I sit and watch this game, I begin to think this can’t be real. My godson/nephew has finally achieved his dream by playing for the Detroit RedWings.

As I sit and watch this game, I feel so happy that my boy has followed his dreams and did not give up through good times and bad.

As I sit and watch this game, I think that every night I see him in my dreams. I see his smile and I feel his love.

As I sit and watch this game, I still see the little boy I watched grow up in front me. I remember singing songs and playing games.

As I sit and watch this game, I pray for my boy. I pray that the Lord watch over him! Thank you Lord for allowing his NHL dream come true!


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6 responses to “My NHL Star!

  1. Congratulations!!! Quite the accomplishment even though I am a Flyer’s fan. Hope he stays healthy & he keeps his head up!

  2. “I still see the little boy” I can only imagine all the feelings you feel when you watch him! Congratulations to him and so happy all his dreams are coming true. Even if he is a Redwing 😉

  3. I love your excitement for him! So amazing!!! Hopefully, his next stop with be the Blackhawks so your family doesn’t feel so conflicted when they are up against the Red Wings again! 🙂

  4. He’s your godson. He has grown up before your eyes and now he’s realized his dreams. You also watched him work year after year to accomplish those dreams. So happy for you and your whole family!!

  5. You are such a proud aunt. How nice to follow him on this journey with his dream!! …And it came true!!!

  6. Wishing Robbie the best in the NHL. You should be proud of him. In addition to being an outstanding player, he is a kind young man. We are so happy that we had the opportunity to meet him. 🙂

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