Sometimes People Make Things Hard!

I had to make a dreaded call to Comcast.  If you know anything about Comcast, you probably can associate them to high prices, fairly good home service, long waiting times, and not trained well customer service reps.  The phone calls are the worst!  I hate waiting and would prefer to talk to reps that could understand me better.

This was our conversation or something like this:

Me: “I received my new modem, but our phone line is not working.”

Him: “Ok, but I don’t service that department, but I can transfer you to them.” First, give me your name and address. Next, your account number.”

Me: “I don’t have that because I do online billing and I would have to look it up.”

Him: “He said he needed it to proceed.”

Me: I got a little mean on the phone and then he said the last four of social security would be fine.  why didn’t he ask this before I got mean.

Well, anyway …..I hate being mean to people.  It worked and he got me through to the right department and my phone is fixed.  I guess that is all that matters!




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8 responses to “Sometimes People Make Things Hard!

  1. Aaaahhhh! I feel your pain. I have had these same experiences. You conveyed my feelings as well as yours. So glad you ended up by getting things fixed.

  2. So glad things got fixed. Unfortunately, sometimes you that is what it takes.

  3. Liz Bailey

    This is why I broke up with my cable provider and now use an antenna that gives my television bunny ears!

  4. Ugh. We have Charter here too, and I have had to get quite firm. I do always feel bad because whomever I’m talking to first is never the problem, but it does help to speed things along.

  5. I often wonder that, too… why wasn’t he able to offer you options right up front? Sometimes, when I’m on the phone with customer service, I think I’m either a) part of a big social experiment, or b) being Punked.

  6. pokeygirl5

    I hate making calls like that! We recently dropped cable and I feel so free!

  7. We have Comcast, and I have found it hit or miss with their reps. At least you got your issues resolved.

  8. The dreadful call to Comcast. I like the way you opened up with describing Comcast. It set the stage for the rest of your blog. Unfortunate that sometimes you have to become someone you don’t even like yourself, but at times that is what it takes to get the job done. 😦

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