So on Saturdays I usually run my errands and move at my own pace. I enjoy my family and try not too work to hard. Today was an interesting Saturday that was full of waiting!

Waiting is the action of staying where one is or delaying action until a particular time.

So today was full of waiting and I wasn’t sure my patience would get me through those lines.

Waiting at the Clinic to make an appointment…

Waiting at the bakery because of course I had a sweet tooth…

Waiting at Comcast to exchange a box…

Waiting to check out at Sam’s Club….

Not sure how I did this, but my patience helped me make it through!


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5 responses to “Waiting

  1. pokeygirl5

    Waiting is so hard… especially for a go go go person like me. Glad your patience helped you persevere! Enjoy the rest of your Saturday- hopefully the waiting is over!

  2. It seems so often we are waiting for something! For good news or bad news, or just a pastry!! Very relatable!

  3. Marsha Amraen

    The continued waiting, and you still made time for you slice.
    Hopefully tomorrow will be a day of rest and no waiting.

  4. Waiting always seems like a situation where I’m not “in control”. Its hard! Glad you had that patience to get you through!!

  5. Love the Saturday-ness of your post:)

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