Sometimes I hate going to this place.

Sometimes I love the feeling this place gives me.

Sometimes it’s smelly and germy

Sometimes it’s  relaxing.

Sometimes it’s crowded.

Sometimes it’s  empty.

Sometimes I stay there long.

Sometimes I can’t wait to leave.

Sometimes I find my friends there.

Sometimes I don’t feel like talking to others.

Sometimes I like the benefits.

Sometimes I don’t think it matters.

Can you guess? What is this place I sometimes visit? Of course, you guessed the GYM!.


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5 responses to “Sometimes!

  1. The gym? Sure, that’s what I was thinking, too!

  2. And you keep going back! Good for you!!!! I like the repetition and structure in this piece. 🙂

  3. Leigh Anne

    You captured my feelings about the gym perfectly!

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