Manana = Tomorrow

Manana is tomorrow in Spanish.  Tomorrow is the day after the present.

Last night I was at the gym and trying  to work out hard for myself.  I told myself that time at the gym was very precious because it was “me” time.  Everyone should have some “me” time in their lives.  As the sweat poured done my face, I began to think about life and the people I share it with.  I share everyday with my husband, kids, my mother, family, and friends.  After hearing so many people complain about life, I have decided to just live my life to its fullest.  Live today like there may be no tomorrow!  Manana/Tomorrow is never promised.  Laugh with those around you, love those you care about, help someone who needs it, repent and move on if necessary.

With these words I leave you: Tomorrow is never guaranteed so love a little deeper and laugh a little louder!



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6 responses to “Manana = Tomorrow

  1. And walk past Weidner’s room for your daily cheesy smile! 🙂

  2. Love a little deeper. Yep. Love that.

  3. You started with a definition and ended with a reminder – nice! I thought you were going to go in the direction of the importance of “me time.” I like how you developed your story to reflect back on your topic after a little explanation of how you ended up thinking about living life to its fullest.

  4. Thanks for this reminder! We so often forget to live our ‘life to the fullest.’ So many times the bad overshadows the good in our day to day lives! I needed your post to remind me of that. I love that you started it with a definition. I might be stealing that starter one day soon. 🙂

  5. It sounds so much prettier in Spanish though, doesn’t it? Glad you’re finding some time for yourself!

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