It’s Time!

 It’s time to write.  It’s a new beginning.  It’s a new month. It’s a new year.

It’s time to write.  I ask myself, can I come up with new ideas? Will I make it? Writing inspires me and keeps me positive, despite much of the negativity around the world.

It’s a new beginning.  I will be able to share all the new ideas with my writing buddies of this challenge.

It’s a new month.  March brings excitement to my life.  I write for 31 days.  I know I can! The excitement is building and the ideas are flowing.

It’s a new year.  2017 has begun! Time is passing quickly, but the year continues to build day after day.  Every day is filled with new adventures.

It’s time to write.  It’s a new beginning.  It’s a new month.  It’s a new year!




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5 responses to “It’s Time!

  1. * Raises glass * Here’s to all of us facing these next 31, now 30 days.

  2. You’ll make it! You’re too determined not to. Now please help me to make it a little bit longer!

  3. I love the organization of your slice. I love the repetition. It’s very inspiring! Great start! You’ve got this! 🙂

  4. dreaminwithdar2

    One thing for sure, Amelia, you will always have something to share. You can definitely do this!!!!!

  5. Katie Diez

    March brings excitement…..that is the perfect way to describe this month! I love the feeling of anticipation this first day brings! Can’t wait to read more! Happy Slicing!

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