Easter Monday

Easter Monday is a holiday in Italy. Italy holds a place in my heart because both of my parents were born there. Many of the traditions are still important to me. It is a joy to talk about them with my children.

Easter Monday in Italy is called la Pasquetta. This is a day of celebration with family. In my parents town, everyone would bring a ton of food (of course, food was involved) to the mountains and have a picnic. Food, conversations, and wine was all that was needed to celebrate this joyous day. 

So as a joke last night, I said we should all take off work and go have a picnic. I guess they weren’t buying it. So instead, I am going to make the traditional Easter bread today. Didn’t get a chance these last couple of days to make it. So, let me my Easter bread journey begin!



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5 responses to “Easter Monday

  1. Wow. I had no idea Easter Monday was a holiday in Italy. How could that be that I didn’t know that?! Thanks for that information. I love learning about holiday traditions in other countries. Enjoy your day making the bread 🙂

  2. Easter Monday is a holiday in other European countries as well. It is lovely that you can continue with the tradition of baking bread. I would love some of that!

  3. I grew up in Canada and Easter Monday is a holiday there, too. The weather isn’t usually nice enough for a picnic, but it is one more day to spend with family.

  4. What a nice way to keep the holiday tradtion going!! I would love a sample!!

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