The Visit!

This place could be dark…

This place could be spooky…..

This place has many humans…..

This place can be sad……..

This place has a ton of flowers…..

But for me this place has a different meaning!

This place lets me think about many memories……..

This place brings laughter and tears…….

This place is a place I visit frequently………

This place is where I go to talk to him…….

This place is my dad’s home……

The cemetery is where I visit my dad whenever I can. I share everything with him that he is missing!

Missing you so much Daddy!


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3 responses to “The Visit!

  1. It is always a therapeutic visit for me to visit the cemetery. I do the same things you do when I go to visit.

  2. I never had a relationship with my “Dad” as you did with yours. That is something to hold close to your heart. xoxo

  3. The memories of all those people make it a peaceful place. I’ve always thought that. Thanks for the reminder.

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