There are so many colors all around us!

Orange reminds me of carrots and bouncing basketballs…….

Red reminds me of strawberries and blood pumping through a heart………

Yellow reminds me of corn and sunflowers in the shining sun………

Brown reminds me of potatoes and rich muddy soil………..

Pink reminds me of the inside of a grapefruit and rosy cheeks of a toddler……..

Blue reminds me of blueberries and deep blue sky at night………

Green reminds me of zucchini and the green grass of the fields………

White reminds me of mushrooms and fresh snow falling silently……….

Black reminds me of berries and a black cat crossing the street……………

There are so many colors all around us!










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5 responses to “Colors

  1. There are so many colors around us. It’s especially noticeable now in the spring as the flower and trees begin to bloom! The vibrant colors make me happy:)

  2. I like how there’s a food in each of the colors you see! I can’t believe St. Joseph wasn’t mentioned under the “red” category!

  3. Cool comparisons! Love this!

  4. emily1103

    So fun to see these word associations! (And I totally thought about grapefruit being pink before I even read your line!) 🙂

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