Professional Development

I overheard someone say that Professional Development is not important. Well, if you know anything about Education you’ll know it is vital to successful teaching.

I spent the last couple of days this week learning about Purposeful Play (Discovery Learning) with pre-k and kindergarten teachers.  It was an amazing two days discovering with teachers and journeying into classrooms full of experimenting bright children. So much learning took place. I can’t even imagine days like these taken away from me.

So, if I hear that person say this again I will be sure to remind them about the beauty of professional development and getting into those classrooms. We have so many unnoticed gems in our classrooms.   Professional development is a MUST!



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5 responses to “Professional Development

  1. I agree with you, professional development is such a critical part of our growth as educators. I’m glad you are learning with a group of teachers. Enjoy the journey!

  2. You are right, there are so many unnoticed gems. We only continue to grow by getting in those rooms and learning from them.

  3. You are so right! The last two days, I have learned so much about myself as a teacher and how to help my students. I can’t imagine if we didn’t have that time.

  4. PD. One of the most important things we can do in education.

  5. MAK

    Education might be the only place where professionals are rarely encouraged to see other professionals doing their jobs. And yet that is often where we learn the most. Oh, to have PD – once whose theme is chosen by teachers – once a month! Imagine!

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