Gosh, what an interesting word that can have multiple meanings.

Some people thinks it means movement…
Some people feel pressured by this word….
Some people actually do it….
Some people think it is not necessary….
Some people think it’s fun….
Some people think it is a waste of time….
Some people think it is boring….
Some people say it makes them feel good….
Some people think it gives them energy….
Some people have no time…

Guess where I am off to soon. Yes, the GYM!



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4 responses to “Exercise!

  1. You did a nice job of giving lots of perspective about that word exercise. I think I have felt all of these feelings at some point in my life.

  2. This shows that you can be extremely creative and insightful about any topic! Wish I liked this topic enough to go to the gym. It’s the right thing. But I’m more like the negative points of view you mention.

  3. For me, I definitely think it depends on the type of exercise! Make me go run and I’d be thinking all of those negative things!! Let me dance and it’s all of the positives! Well, except maybe the giving energy…I may get a little while I’m doing it, but no matter what I do, I never feel pumped up after like so many people say! I’m always dead tired afterwards!!

  4. Good for you – for understanding the aspects of “exercise” and most importantly for DOING it!

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