Happy Belated Birthday to my baby girl who turned 13 this past January! We are finally celebrating tomorrow!  Winter birthdays are for the birds. I have been baking all day today. Cream puffs, waffer cookies, pizzelles, bunny marshmallows, and cheesecakes. I am so tired, but my baby waited so long to celebrate.

She waited for us to celebrate.

She waited to blow her candles.

She waited for her presents.

She waited to make her wishes.

She waited for winter to pass.

She waited so patiently!



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5 responses to “Baking!

  1. Sounds like a busy day (but so fun)!

  2. Very patient for a 13 year old!

  3. It wouldn’t be a proper birthday without pizzelles! Happy birthday, Monica!

  4. This sounds lovely, I hope it is a great party. If you tell me where, I’ll bring the balloons. 🙂

  5. Happy birthday Monica!! I can’t believe she is 13.

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