The Sign!

My mom has a red bird that visits her often.  My mom still lives in the house that her and my dad built together.  After my dad’s passing, she noticed something.  This beautiful bird would chirp away at her window.  This beautiful bird would use his beak to knock on her window.  This beautiful bird was a sign.

She began telling my kids that this beautiful bird was a sign.  It was sign that Papa was with us.  It was a sign he cared.  It was a sign he never left our side.  My kids listened, but were a bit confused.

Days passed and this bird continued to visit my mom’s house.  My nine year old now thinks his Grandpa died and turned into a bird!  Thanks DAD for the sign!



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5 responses to “The Sign!

  1. jmjd

    My sister’s mother-in-law says the same thing about rainbows. Whatever brings you comfort. What a nice way to remember your dad.

  2. Believe.

    It helps us live on.

    Thanks for the pleasant story.

  3. Your conclusion brings a smile.

    When my mother passed away, we saw a pair of cardinals in the tree in her backyard. It was like a sign she was happy to be reunited with our dad who had passed away several years earlier. A loved one’s death is hard, these signs help us get through it.

  4. I have goosebumps reading this. Signs of our loved ones are all around us and I am so glad that your mom found one to bring her comfort.

  5. We say the same thing about the red bird that visits my mom’s house. It is mom coming to visit. What a wonderful feeling!! They are always with us never forgotten .

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