Snow versus Rain!


White, Delicate

Drifting, Blowing, Freezing

Flakes, Chunks……..Drops, Water

Pouring, Soaking, Drenching

Dreary, Wet


So, now in Chicago we are moving from snow to rain! We are moving from Winter to Spring!   I am not crazy about either one, but writing this poem made me reflect on the two!



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4 responses to “Snow versus Rain!

  1. Terje

    “White and delicate” won for a moment. I hope that soon you get to write from rain to sun. The sun would be the winner. Summer rain would be the runner up.

  2. I will take the rain over snow right now! I love the poem and the movement from snow to rain. And yes to the statement for another poem moving from rain into sun!

  3. I love your comparison and contrasts. You said is so nicely!!!

  4. Cool format. I hate both. Only sunshine here please!

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